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Identify Your Motivation

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ video on our Equine Self Expression face book page. If you haven’t seen it and just found yourself on our blog page, please pop over to Facebook and take a look.

As promised, here are a list of motivations to get you started with identifying the motivation behind the reason you like to ride.

Let’s start by assessing the why, behind the reason you ride. Looking at the motivations below, which ones resonate? Why do you really want to ride? There are no wrong or right motivations, just your motivations! Try to be as truthful as possible for yourself and notice if you are judging a motivation as right or wrong.


  1. I love horses

  2. I like the feeling of connecting with another living creature

  3. They make me feel good

  4. I like being able to teach them

  5. I like using an ability that I don’t use anywhere else

  6. I like being in control and making them do what I ask

  7. I love the freedom that comes from riding

  8. I like the intricacies of learning all about them

  9. I really want to pursue my love of (fill in the blank of whatever discipline that is)

  10. I love the patience riding requires

Please let me know on Facebook what you discovered. If you would rather e mail me or personal message, that is fine too. I will be offering part II of this exercise on next weeks ‘Wednesday Wisdom’.

Here’s to motivation!

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