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Leslie Bever, 
Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Angel Hospice
Jodi Powell, Owner and Trainer
at The Thriving Equine

"I wanted to give you some feedback about my experience with taking Deb's class Mapping the Jigsaw this weekend.  It was transformational to my riding to say the least.  Ode got some very deep releases with some of the exercises that we did in the morning sessions, in fact, he almost fell to his knees, he looked sedated after some toggling to the lower part of the thoracics.  


In the afternoon of the second day we were able to go from a Level 1, to a Level 2, and finally a level 3 contact without any change in cadence or elevation of the head.  He has never looked better.  His demeanor today is still that of a horse who is still integrating this information.


I believe Deb has chunked down riding to a level that identifies the bracing that is evident in that of the rider and which then translates to the horse.( or vice versa). I would recommend that this course be taught early on in the riding of all the PIT's that are coming into the program. (Like during 101)!!! It will nip in the bud or at least identify to the human, fears that exist and that need to be addressed early on.  I am so proud to be part of an organization that offers the quality of education and caliber of instructors that you have chosen.  Deb has outdone herself again, thank you for supporting her in her passion for helping humans and horses alike.  I look forward to seeing you both in November!!"

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A couple of our riders were totally new to being in a group lesson with onlookers.  They were quite intimidated going into the lesson environment.
I’ve had great feedback from both of them!  They are excited for Deb to return for more;-)
I think that Deb has just the right amount of “softness” with students.  Some of the words used help maintain a warm, encouraging exchange.
I think it comes natural to Deb…..and it suits most people well.  Everything is said in a positive encouraging way…..yet the point is made.
I just think that you, Deb, have a really exceptional way about you when working with your students.  Couple that with the endless sea of knowledge and well, it’s pretty amazing.


Equine Self Expression

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