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Important forms for all events

Specific forms, applications, and information found below with each clinic or workshop. 

Riding Clinics Middletown, Indiana

Would you like to take the journey from where you 'are' with your riding, to where you 'dream' of being?

If you'd like to start making that transition, reserve these dates to join us for a “Private Lesson Clinic” format at our facility in Middletown, Indiana, and illuminate the questions you have about your riding experience, knowledge and confidence in your daily riding, while feeling the progress in your ride.

Debbie will work with each rider individually twice a day, for three days, building confidence at the horse and riders’ pace, yet encouraging you to experience places you didn’t think you could go!

In between your lessons, take the opportunity to watch and learn from other students’ lessons, then participate in an interactive group discussion with all participants, on the deeper purpose and meaning of the lesson. This will be followed by an interactive question and answer session that will follow each private lesson. Throughout the lesson days, there will be bonus mini-lectures and short demonstrations to enhance the learning of the group.  

This is an incredible learning opportunity in a small group to check in with your foundation of balance, feel and rhythm both on the ground and under saddle. Expect to be supported in a safe learning environment, while having your riding and horsemanship questions answered through your lesson, and the individual moments of progression illuminated.

Each lesson will be customized to the desires and needs of the horse and rider. This series will take place 3 times this year and will continue into 2021.  Any riding participant that signs up for 3 consecutive series, will receive a discount on their last session.

Each lesson REDUCED from $115.00 to $100.00 for a 45 minute to 1-hour session.
See the rider application for more details.

Sign up now while slots are available and don’t miss this incredible opportunity to ride with Debbie and participate in these personalized teaching and training sessions.

Indiana Riding Clinics
Debbie Davies-4602.jpg
"A couple of our riders were totally new to being in a group lesson with onlookers.  They were quite intimidated going into the lesson environment.
I’ve had great feedback from both of them!  They are excited for Deb to return for more;-)
'I think that Deb has just the right amount of “softness” with students.  Some of the words used help maintain a warm, encouraging exchange. I think it comes natural to Deb…..and it suits most people well.  Everything is said in a positive encouraging way…..yet the point is made.'
I just think that you, Deb, have a really exceptional way about you when working with your students.  Couple that with the endless sea of knowledge and well, it’s pretty amazing."
 Janet G.

For this clinic the fee is $400 and a downpayment of $100 is required via PayPal at or check made payable to Debbie Davies at 4545 N County Rd 500 West, Middletown, In.  47356   Please note that full payment will not be accepted on PayPal just a downpayment.  The form must be sent in at the same time as the down payment. Use this form on my website. 

Groundwork Workshops / Clinics
Groundwork Workshops / Clinics
Ride It, See It, Feel It Clinics 
Ride It, See It, Feel It Series
Guest Workshop and Clinics 
Guest Workshops and Clinics
ESE Healing and Growth
ESE Healing and Growth

Equine Self Expression

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