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If you love horses and are seeking to understand more about functional movement patterns and correct, efficient posture, then this book by Deborah Bowerman Davies is for you.   Riders know that a horse must have a supportive, balanced posture in order to carry them without damaging their reciprocal system.   Horse lovers who don’t ride, want to support the health and longevity of their beloved companions and appreciate that taking care of the body is one of the keys to maintaining vitality. Some answers to many  of these questions can be found in the book that so many of you requested, Meaningful Movement, Better Performance, Healthy Horse.


Whichever category of horseman or woman you are in, this is a book you will want to tuck under your arm and take to the barn, or cozy up on a cold winter's day to learn more about your equine partner’s body.  The good news is you can do both with the masterful form of this publication, a book and working manual all in one package.  Section I of the  book is all set for that cozy afternoon by the fire. Illuminate your awareness of what self-carriage is from the muscular perspective and learn how you can influence the cycles and sequences of movement by understanding what the basic muscles of self-carriage are.  Section II is all ready for you to take to the barn as a working manual.  It is divided into 10 areas of different self-carriage muscles, complete with illustrations of the muscle locations, plus photographs of the stretches that can enhance those muscles, and deliver pertinent information about their current function. 


If you love learning about your horses’ body, don’t miss this opportunity to have some insight of your horse from the inside out in an easy to read format and picture guide.


Delivery around Christmas.



As a more thorough learning experience, take advantage of our bonus deal and receive the book and our 10 module on-line course, Muscle Cycles and Sequences.  Join us for 10  webinars as we dissect each section of the book, exploring further supportive work for the muscles, rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the foundation of your horse's movement and pre-riding in hand work to set you and your horse up for success.  In addition half of these webinars will be live for you to share your experience of the book, ask questions and have open discussions.  The other 5 lessons will be pre recorded, but all 10 classes will be available for you to access whenever you choose, which means if you cannot attend the live sessions you won't miss out! 



Online Course Starts Second Week In January.


Online Course Available for Purchase here:


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Meaningful Movement, Better Performance, Happy Horse! A working manual


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