Equine Self Expression provides revolutionary workshops, clinics, and online education to elevate the partnership you have with your horse.

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Equine Self Expression
is all about discovering the amazing possibilities available between horse and rider. We have been teaching this interface for over three decades and are excited to share this incredible information in new ways. 
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Debbie Davies

Advanced international professional rider, trainer, facility manager, bodyworker, and educator for over 30 years. 

About Debbie

Debbie is a professional rider, trainer, bodyworker, clinician, educator, and researcher.

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Debbie teaches the horse-rider partnership, holistically, and from a place of compassion.

If you are frustrated in your search for an instructor that truly considers the horse, and speaks to the rider with compassion, try 

Equine Self Expression.


Clinics & Workshops

New for this year, F.O.A.L. 

Join us for a very special approach to training, establishing the basis for all cooperative interaction between you and your horse. Held in Indiana, August 2021. 


Clinics (mounted) and workshops (groundwork) are designed to meet horse owners and riders where they are and advance their equestrian dreams. 

Most students take them all! We have found that once people understand the horse from the inside out - and learn how to partner their horse, biomechanics, athleticism, and behavior all improve!

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Deb Davies                 of Equestrian 


We have several classes going live soon:

  • 3Flight SeriesA:  June 7th, Fall, Winter webinars

  • Cranial Course 1: July 11th and July 17th

Available now: 

  • Straightness is Not a Means to an End

Coming soon!!

  • Hoof And Neck with Ida Hammer

  • True Conversations

  • Basic Functional Anatomy



Semi-private, Group Lessons 

For when you want to take great strides in improving posture, carriage, impulsion, and problem-solving those individual challenges.

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We are so excited to share that both the adult and children's online downloadable version of Debbie's equine bodywork manual are now available on our shop page! This is an amazing resource to have with you to help your horse reach and maintain flexibility and good, carrying posture. Pictures are included with diagrams so that you are walked through each exercise, these online manuals are priced at $20 a piece. 

Looking forward to seeing you!

Whether it is in one of our clinics, a workshop, or in one of the new online classes - I'm sure you will receive a treasure trove of information and real-world help!




Do you have a great facility and would like to to host a workshop or clinic? We'd love to hear from you!

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Equine Self Expression