Program and Clinics

Debbie has created a series of workshops, lecture series, and her Healing, Growth and Learning series to support the body of work that she encompasses.

Equine Nervous System Series

There are currently 4 parts to this series –

Introduction, ENS II ~ The Neck, ENS III ~ The Hind End, ENS IV ~ Back Magic, Putting It all Together

The purpose of each 2-day lecture series is to educate riders, trainers, and horse lovers of the essential links and connections between the parts of the horse you can see and those that you cannot see. It is so often the parts you cannot see that create the immobility’s, blockages and lameness in the parts you can see. During the 4-part series you travel from the outside of your horse in, over the entire body, learning the connections that affect health, movement and training. During the lab portion of each lecture you will learn exercises to help determine whether your horse is functioning correctly from the inside out, along with groundwork and bodywork movements that can support a potential change before a possible pathology shows up.

Mapping the Jigsaw

This 2-day workshop is 80% hands on with approximately 2 hours of lecture each day. Many students encounter bracing patterns in their horse that inhibit correct movement patterns and prevent accuracy of certain gaits, acceptance of equipment and influence so-called behavior challenges that effect overall comfort and well-being of the horse. Not every hurdle that presents itself under saddle is a “training problem”, in fact many of then are not. In this hands on workshop, participants will learn what to look for in correct function of the head, neck and hindquarters and how to support correct function of the sacrum and poll to support fluidity and relaxation in the back and the rest of the body. Participants have the opportunity to experience these groundwork techniques and then apply them under saddle.

Exploring Self Carriage Clinic

The word, self-carriage, is not foreign to any competitor or rider, yet it is often somewhat misunderstood in terms of how it is actually created. Balance, fluidity, thoroughness, harmony, impulsion, straightness are all terms, which define what we are looking for, but the how to accomplish it, beyond the format of training, is often overlooked. Self-carriage means the horse carries himself in a weight bearing posture and in the best and most appropriate manner for the movement he has to execute. Self-carriage is the result of balance. During this 2-day clinic, we will look at the complex cycle of muscle, ligaments, tendons and structure that are behind the cycle of movement that ultimately can express as self-carriage. The clinic includes lecture material, groundwork exercises, and under saddle work, which allows each rider to put the self-carriage principles directly into practice. Self-carriage is therefore necessary for every ridden horse whatever discipline or breed. 

Clinics and Lesson Days

Debbie offers lesson days and 2,3 and 5 day clinics upon request. Clinics and lessons encompass the body of knowledge Debbie has regarding correct equine movement and performance as it relates to individual disciplines. She also offers Connected Riding clinics.

Equine Growth, Learning and Healing through the Eyes of the Horse

This training is an opportunity for participants to explore equine herd dynamics, body language and spiritual communication. In doing so, a portal is opened to provide a solid internal foundation for each individual’s journey of self-exploration with themselves and their horse. As the 3-day training progresses individuals find themselves clearing away more and more self-imposed obstacles based on fear, belief systems, indoctrination and unfulfilled dreams. This training introduces the idea of the self-exploration concept through the journey of equus. It is this experience that assists us in realigning our belief system and regaining self-trust.

These training series’ are presented in 4 different forms, all of which explore themes of self discovery as related to the herd. The first is as a single workshop; the second as a series of 3 events that take place over a 3-year period, both are designed for horse lovers to improve their relationship with themselves and their horse. The third is a certification program for individuals and therapists that wish to become certified in this work. In addition to these 3 programs, Equine Self Expression offers Equine Healing, Growth and Learning workshops and individual sessions for individuals with autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer and children with behavior challenges, and their caregivers. Debbie also volunteers her services to support young people in the department of family services system using the equine growth, healing and learning modality

Restorative Balancing Integration Work and Remobilization Techniques

Coming to the table with 25 years of equine restorative balancing integration work and healing experience, Debbie offers a vast array of balancing, remobilizing, and structural integration work. With her knowledge of cranial sacral therapy, osteopathy, quantum energetics, equine massage, chakra balancing, Reiki, and intuitive energy flow, she is able to support the horse’s body at many levels, allowing for optimum integration of the nervous system from the inside out. Debbie’s restorative treatment technique is supporting equine athletes in all disciplines from the World Championship show jumper to the pony club trail horse. Treatment includes physical therapy maintenance and groundwork schedule to support the continued integration of the work.