What's New

Wild Herd Watch

Once a year, Debbie takes students out to experience the wonders of the wild herd. Learning and observing close up, students have a unique opportunity to capture the true essence of wild herd dynamics, band harmony and the true essence of the equine language.

At Home in Missouri

Debbie opened her facility in the heart of the Ozarks in Missouri on 800 acres next to the Jacks Fork River. She is offering training opportunities for students to bring their horses, or use her training horses, to enhance their groundwork, riding and horsemanship skills. There are plans to have a lecture studio that will provide students the opportunity to work not only with riding horses, but to learn from equine skeletons as they explore the lectures and workshops that are available on Equine Self Expression home territory. This facility will also be the future hosting facility for Connected Riding in the Midwest.

Coming Soon - Online Learning

Deepen your knowledge and skills by participating in online learning with Debbie. More information to come soon...