Debbie About Connected Riding

"I was looking for a way of riding that honored my horses mind, body, and spirit. Connected Riding is journey not just a path with an end. If you are willing to let go on all levels and allow your horse to lead you on this journey, you will discover a connection with your horse, yourself and your riding that will truly change your life forever!"

What Debbie Offers In Her Program

Connected Riding and Groundwork for horses in training, equine body work, Quantum Energetics for riders, as well as Equine Self Expression work for enhancing riders' performance. Debbie's approach encompasses the integration of mind, body, and spirit of both horse and rider.

Connected Riding Teaching and Training Preferences

One on one lessons, small group lessons, clinic and lesson days, group talks, demonstrations and horse expo presentations. Bodywork for horses as well as Equine Self Expression sessions for riders. Will travel internationally.