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Julie Staub

“Every horse deserves physical, athletic, emotional and mental freedom, in order to fully reach the highest potential available.”

Training, Growth and Learning for Horse and Rider

Deborah Bowerman-Davies

Equine Self Expression

Every horse deserves the freedom of physical, athletic, emotional and mental freedom, in order to fully reach the highest potential available. Deborah Bowerman-Davies has encompassed this vision through her work and competitive career. Her vision is to educate riders and horseman in alignment with the purity of classical horsemanship principles, many of which have been lost in translation. 

Debbie has dedicated her life and her business to mastering and fine tuning the subtle complexities of movement. She focuses on movement and how it relates to the nervous system, the biomechanical response desired in training, and the emotional response of the horse. From this perspective, it is clear to determine when a training challenge is not really a training challenge, which is more often than not.

Her goal is to educate through training, riding, and teaching so that every horse has the opportunity to rediscover a balanced foundation, mentally, physically, and emotionally, upon which the building blocks of training can be layered.  To do this, she would like to provide every trainer, rider and horseman the opportunity to understand the connection between the physiological and emotional make up of the horse, as it relates to the biomechanical principles of functional movement, riding and performance. Empowering people to make changes in their horse from the inside out and enhance the natural health and well-being of these noble teachers is her desire. Congruency in riding, training and horse care is the result.